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GETTING afraid as well as ecstatic TO travel around once again

Updated: 02/01/2019 | 1 lutego 2019

After four as well as a half years of travel, a lot of people presume I have this travel thing down pat. I can just be plopped down anywhere, as well as I’ll be alright. “You’ve done this before,” people state to me.

While it’s true that I’m an “old hand” at this, there are moments when I still get as nervous, anxious, scared, as well as ecstatic as a traveler heading out on the very first day of their round-the-world wycieczka.

My trip to central America on Thursday is one of those times. Last time I was there, I was in a excursion group. this time around I’m backpacking alone with Costa Rica, Panama, as well as Nicaragua. I’ve never backpacked central America before. I’m anxious as well as scared, as well as I don’t understand why.

I’ve traversed mountains, roamed Southeast Asia, as well as made good friends with strangers around the world, however for some reason, I’m afraid about going to central America. I understand it’s all in my mind, as well as there’s truly nothing to be anxious about. tons of people have backpacked this part of the world as well as turned out fine. I’m complying with a path used down by lots of people before me.

But there’s this gnawing part of me saying, What if? central America is commonly checked out as a hazardous location in the American media. All you hear about the region is negativity.

I keep fretting that I’m going to be scammed, kidnapped, robbed, taken somewhere sketchy in a taxi, as well as left in the jungle if I don’t hand over my stuff. I keep believing the Sandinistas are going to jump out of the next corner. will I be mugged? Nie wiem! most likely not, however what if it does happen?

I understand these are all silly fears. central America is fine. Costa Rica has so lots of old Americans living there we may also phone call it “New Florida.” Panama is an “in” destination now. My good friends Jamie as well as Geno traveled around Panama, as well as they won’t go anywhere without a Hilton! If they can do it, I understand I can too.

Before I very first started traveling the world, I had all these fears. I was anxious as well as scared. What if something happened? would I be able to make friends? Is it okay to travel alone? will my stuff get stolen? will I get ripped off? traveling the world was absolutely different from what I was utilized to. It’s only human to be afraid of the unknown, as well as great deals of travelers get a bit anxious before their huge trip. (I understand — I get their emails asking for advice.)

I understand there’s truly nothing to be afraid of. I understand I’m overreacting just like I did on my very first trip abroad. It’s like I tell people all the time, “There’s nothing to be anxious about. Wszystko jest w twojej głowie. countless people travel the world each year. just take the leap! Wydobrzejesz.”

But I’m delighted to be scared. It’s been a long time considering that I’ve been this ecstatic to go somewhere. I feel like I’m stepping out once again for the very first time. I believe a few of this has to make with the area. I understand a great deal about Europe, Australia, as well as east Asia, however I don’t understand much about central America. I understand what to expect elsewhere, not here.

It’s been so long considering that I’ve been in this situation; I’ve forgotten what it’s like, as well as perhaps that’s contributing to it too. I must be great about this, right? however it’s interesting to feel this way. travel has ended up being work for me, as well as I miss that sense of sheer, unadulterated enjoyment I see in new travelers. now I’m so excited, I might jump up as well as down on Oprah’s couch.

It feels liberating to feel this way. It goes to show that no matter exactly how long you’ve been traveling, no matter exactly how long you’ve been backpacking, there’s always a part of you that can be filled keeping that nervous, afraid enjoyment you had on day one.

I understand I’m about to have a excellent time satisfying excellent people, eating excellent food, lounging on beaches, as well as heading into the unknown. departure day is close, as well as though I’m still believing about the “what ifs,” I’m just as well ecstatic to care about them anymore.

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